We want you to visit us again with all the safety guarantees.

That is why we have developed a rigorous security protocol and thus minimize the risks, both for our guests and our employees.

You must know when you stay in one of our villas we will receive you with all the guarantees that ensure your health and well-being.

  • Availability of hydrogel solution in each villa for the use of clients
  • 24h telephone service to assist you.
  • The person in charge of receiving you will do so with a mask.
  • The information regarding the destination, restaurants, tourist attractions, brochures, etc., will be provided as far as possible online or laminated brochures / maps that can be disinfected.
  • Disinfection of keys and key chains after any contact and use between clients.
  •  Contract management digitized by email and recommended payment by credit card.
  • The staff has being trained in specific protocols to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, using new cleaning and disinfection techniques adapted to the current situation.
  • We have provided our workers with personal protective equipment.

The cleaning and sanitation of the houses will be taken care of exhaustively, by using virucidal products approved by the Department of Health.

The following measures will apply:

  • Cleaning of switches and all those elements with a high level of contact such as TV remote control,lamps, air conditioning ...
  • Disinfection of knobs, handles, handrails, windows, doors, knobs for cabinets, drawers and other elements of frequent contact.
  • Thorough cleaning of all surfaces with virucidal products authorized and registered by the Ministry of Health (UNE-EN 14476)
  • Bedding and towels: Wash treatment at a temperature above 60oc. Removal of used clothing in sealed bags to avoid contact with clean clothing
  • Ventilation and spacing in the use of the villa, ensuring a temporary interval before a new client occupies the stay.
  •  Minimization of decorative elements: Removal of those elements for which disinfection cannot be guaranteed as a sanitation measure.
  • Bath amenities: Availability of gel / shampoo and hand soap dispensers.
  • Pool: Daily cleaning and automated disinfection. To eliminate the virus, the treatment and residual disinfectant levels in the water in the vessels are correctly maintained.